I have always been seeking for harmony, possibly in an attempt to counterbalance the anguish of life´s constant chaos. Nothing feels more soothing for me than listening to Bach´s music which often reaches to some form of enlightenment.
These themes have been my favorite ones all through my life. Maybe I would have been more at ease had I been a Renaissance or even a Baroque painter, but I choose to believe that our world needs harmony more than ever. To control dissonance one must first understand harmony.
“Femmes fleurs, fruits & légumes” was the title of my earlier exhibitions. The photographs showed here range from 1974 to 2002. These are new scans which I made from original 10x8 dia-films, and I tried to take forward  the quality that thrilled me when I first shot them; a bit like one does a new recording of an old song.. This time, my own interpretation.
Many of the models were arranged by Kerstin Heinz whom I met in my early years in Malmö, and who had the most amazing talent and eye for natural beauty. We worked together until her death over fifteen years ago. She was much appreciated abroad by Elite in Paris, Eileen Ford in the States and many other agencies. A true flamboyant woman
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