Work in progress...
Today,  back into my studio, I contemplate once again eternal subjects, flowers... In this world essentially filled with concept-effect-never-seen-before- based pictures, I find it brave and almost avant-garde to keep-on talking nuances so,  in  “Petits bouquets sur fonds en grisaille”, which I started  2013, I am experimenting this time with newer techniques, slowly discovering a new world of tones, convinced more than ever that beauty in photography remains in its instantaneousness, its credibility and authenticity.

"Francois Gillet Photographer"
​A short film made by Henrik Thomé at FG`s studio in the Stockholm archipelago
Sweet-peas, rocket flowers and thistle
Two pale Poppies
Crimson Nasturtiums in a small Chinese vase
Meadowsweet, wild-chives and dragon-fly
Honeysuckle & Nasturtiums

Madame Hardy white roses

Black beans, runner bean flowers, sage & wild carrot
Bright Nasturtiums
Late Nasturtiums
Apricot blossoms in a Moroccan silver goblet
Columbine (Aqui legia)
Almond blossoms
Lavender & Silene coronaria
Peach blossoms
Wild flowers from Morocco
Dark Tulips & Clematis
Jasmin in a Tamegroute candlestick
Blackberries, rose & green beetle
Yellow Nasturtiums & Dill-crown
Orange blossoms in a tea-glass (Morocco)
Lilacs, violets & Forget-me-not
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